GitHub Copilot Workshops

A resource to help you learn and experience the transformative power of GitHub Copilot, your AI Pair programmer.

About Us

The GitHub Copilot Workshops is a passion a project for a few Hubbers. It is not on official GitHub resource but rather the work of a small group of passionate individuals who love to share their knowledge and experience with others.

We are also passionate about GitHub and the amazing things it can do for you and your team. It is with this goal in mind that we've put together a small collection of workshops to help you experience the awesomeness that is GitHub Copilot.


A special thanks to the following awesome Hubbers who have contributed in many different ways to our workshops.

  • blackgirlbytes
  • pierluigi
  • yuichielectric
  • dchomh
  • nolecram
  • rsymo
  • damovisa
  • and anyone else I've inadvertently missed.

Enjoy your workshop!

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